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About iDeviceInfoffer.com And Team

About iDeviceInfoffer.com

What is iDeviceinfoffer?

iDeviceInfoffer was registered on 15th December 2015 and comes into existence on 21st March 2016. iDeviceInfoffer.com as a weblog focused on providing Jailbreaking information with a step-by-step guide tutorial, Apple news, reviews, guides & tutorials about iPhone, iPad and everything related to iOS & Mac OS. iDeviceInfoffer helps consumers and SMBs who love Apple and here you’ll learn what’s new, what’s best and what they need to know about the products they love. Whether you’re a Mac die-hard or an iPad newbie, iDeviceInfoffer helps tech users make the most out of the Apple universe.

About the iDeviceInfoffer.com Team

Jyoti Raghuvanshi

Jyoti Raghuvanshi is the Founder and Executive Editor of iDeviceInfoffer. She is responsible for all editorial decisions and shares knowledge about deals & pricing of the iPhone, iPad, and Macbook. When she’s not surfing the web, you can usually find Jyoti doing stuff she likes or travelling with his husband Vivek Parmar. Jyoti Raghuvanshi can be reached via email at jyotiraghuvanshi2014@gmail.com


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