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Advertising With iDeviceInfoffer.com

Advertising with iDeviceInfoffer.com

Thank you for your interest in advertising on iDeviceInfoffer.com. iDeviceInfoffer.com as a weblog dedicated to Apple products and the people who use them. iDeviceInfoffer.com covers expert tutorials, the latest news analysis & opinions, reviews of the latest Apple products, software and technologies. Just to remind you, iDeviceInfoffer.com officially launched on 21st March 2016 and it becomes one of the internet’s premier source of information for all things related to Apple & its products.

Advertising on our website is a great opportunity for you as the site attracts broad variety of audience which includes both consumers & professionals ranging from long-term users or those who are new to the smartphone & tablet world. In addition to this, our readers visit multiple times per day to find out about the latest & greatest gear in Apple ecosystem. It allows you to promote your products & services to very receptive group of high-tech consumers.

From breaking news, event coverage, discussions, tutorials and a buyer’s guide, iDeviceinfoffer.com is a one stop place for individual customers & industry watchers alike. Depending on your goals and preferences, we would be glad to work with you to find out the best advertising option according to your needs.

Advertising Options

There are several ways to advertise on iDeviceInfoffer.com. For traditional display advertising, we offer IAB standard-size units through the self-serve widget embedded below:

CreativeDimensionsFile SizeFile Types
Leaderboard728*9025K maxGIF, JPEG or SWF
Skyscraper120*60022K maxGIF, JPEG or SWF
Wide Skyscraper160*60025K maxGIF, JPEG or SWF
Big Box Rectangle300*25020K maxGIF, JPEG or SWF
Tile120*1208K maxGIF, JPEG or SWF

The following opportunities are subject to editorial approval and we will work with you to craft the message if necessary.

Sponsored Tweet: reach wide variety of people in 140 characters or less. Send the message of your choice along with a link to our Twitter followers.

Sponsored Facebook update: engage our growing community of fans by promoting your product or service in a status update on our Facebook page.

Sponsored RSS feed: deliver your message directly to our RSS feed subscribers. Your message will be display at the bottom of each feed entry.

Sponsored Post: have your product or service covered by us. The post will be published on the site, just like a normal post but it will be labeled as “sponsored.”

Setting Up a Campaign

We are always open to other options and ideas. If you are interested in advertising or sponsorship opportunities or commercial partnerships with iDeviceInfoffer.com, please drop us a line at jyotiraghuvanshi2014@gmail.com to obtain our current rates and package deals.