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[How To Guide] Disable Notification Previews Of Individual App On iPhone/iPad In iOS 11

Apple has officially rolled out iOS 11 for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch users and it comes with new features & major changes. One of the biggest change is in the Notifications system where some users like the new notification system while some users didn’t like it. As an iPhone/iPad user, you can disable the notification previews for all apps or individual apps. In an earlier post I shared the step-by-step guide to disabling the Notification Previews for All Apps and in this post, I’m sharing a step-by-step guide to disable the notification previews of the individual app(s) on iPhone/iPad In iOS 11.

Step-by-Step Guide To Disable Notification Previews For Individual App(s) In iOS 11

Step1:First of all, you have to tap on “Settings” app on your iPhone/iPad and open it.

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Step2: As soon as the “Settings” app is opened, you have to click on the “Notifications” as shown below:

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Step3: Now in “Notifications” you have to select any app for which you didn’t want to see any notification. For example, I’m selecting “Instagram”.

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Step4: As soon as you select “Instagram”, you’ll see a number of options available as shown below:

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Step5: To disable the notification previews of the Instagram app, you have to tap on “Allow Notifications”. As soon as you tap on “Allow Notifications”, you won’t be able to see any notification from an Instagram app on your device. Apart from this, you can also disable few things like whether you want to see the notification on “Lock Screen” or not, or in “History” or in “Banners”.

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I hope you will be able to disable notification previews of the individual app(s) on iPhone/iPad and if you come across any issues then comment below so that we can help you out.

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