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[How to Guide] Stop App Icon Animations On App Launch In The Dock Of Mac OS

As a MacBook user whenever you click on any app in the Dock of Mac OS, the app(s) Dock icon will animate with a little bounce indicating that the app is opening. In case if you don’t want app icons to animate to bounce in the Dock you can stop it. By following the step-by-step guide you can easily disable the app icons to animate on app launch. Apart from this, if you launch any other applications on Mac OS, the app Icon will appear in the Dock and it will also animate with an up and down indicating the app is opening.

For your information, the animated bouncing dock icons indicate that the Mac is opening. If you turn off the Icon animations in the Dock there is no way by which you can check out that app is opening.

Step-by-Step Guide to Stop Icon Animations On App Launch In The Dock Of Mac OS

Step1: First of all, you have to click on the Apple logo located in the top left.

apple-logo-dock, disable app icon, app icon dock

Step2: As soon as you click on the Apple logo a drop down will appear where you have to click on “System Preferences”.

app dock, system preference, disable app animation in dock

Step2: As soon as the “System Preferences” open you’ll see a lot of options show below and now you have to click on “Dock” Icon.

dock preference, app animation, how to disable app animation in dock, macOS dock tips

Step3: As soon as you click on “Dock” icon you’ll see a number of options as shown below

dock system, stop app icon in the dock on macOS, disable app animation

Step4: Now you have to uncheck the box “Animate opening applications” and it will stop the Dock Icons animation from bouncing when the app opens.

stop animate opening applications, disable app icon animation, macOS dock tips

By following all the above steps, you can easily stop the app icon animations in the Dock and there is no indication that the app is launching.

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